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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Ten Months of Keto

So here we are ten months later.  I've lost 63 pounds and we've just survived our first no-candy Halloween.  I didn't miss the candy.  But I did miss seeing our kids' friends' kids trick or treating at our front door.  Next year I'll find some non-candy treats to hand out. 

So now we're leading up to Merry Thanksgiving.  I've already got some ideas for sugar free pecan and pumpkin pies!  They might not win a taste test if you compare them side-by-side, but after going all this time without the real (toxic) thing, Swerve tastes better than sugar to me.

I'm hearing from friends who are doing so well on their own keto journeys.  They feel better, they've lost weight, reduced their anxiety,  improved their mood, and drastically reduced their A1C.  It's so amazing to see other people find the same benefits we've found. Hearing their stories makes me keto happy :)

If you think you might be interested in going keto one of these days, don't wait.  It's time.  Even if it is going into the holiday season.  'Cause that means you'll be feeling better before the holidays get here and you'll need a smaller size when you go to the Christmas parties. And when it comes time to make a New Year's resolution, you'll have a head start!

Someone asked what my most valuable keto resource was:  Definitely Ketogenic Success on facebook where they're closing in on 50,000 members.  You'll see one progress picture and testimony after another that will inspire you and keep you going. 

As for books, Keto Clarity is easy to read, understandable, and lays out the science without being overly technical.  

Recommended websites:  Ketovangelist and Dietdoctor.  Both excellent.

And then there's my fledgling Keto With Kynda on facebook.  

Okay, I wanna hear about your keto journey too!   Let me know :) 

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